STOckholm books are open for May 6-11!

IMPORTANT: I will be taking off February 13th - March 6th. A full break from all business and social media. If you submit a form before Feb. 10th, and your idea is chosen, we will book you before the break. If you submit after Feb. 10th, know that while books will be open, you will not hear from me or my assistant for about a month.

See my Instagram for updates about guest spots/cities outside of Portland.

Please submit the form below AFTER reading through my policies and FAQ!

Keep in mind that I do not reply to everyone and if you don't hear back the first time, feel free to submit other ideas in the future! If your submission is chosen you will hear back from my booking assistant who will get you on the schedule for your consultation and appointment. I do phone consultations if you cannot come into the shop. Consultations are the best time for us to get know one another a bit, and for you to tell me anything and everything you want, need, and love about your idea! :)

Not looking for a tattoo? For business inquiries, commission artwork, collaborations, guest spots, etc. please e-mail me at DO NOT CONTACT ME ON MY PERSONAL E-MAIL REGARDING TATTOOS.

INSTAGRAM: @knowfolly 

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