My name is Kai Söderström, and I am the kind of millennial creative that believes in a better, brighter world for us all. I am a professional tattoo artist, multi-media artist and a survivor, with a severe case of wanderlust, currently based out of traditional Chinook, Clackamas, and Cowlitz land (Portland, Oregon). I am White Earth Ojibwe, Swedish, and Ashkenazi Jewish, and my roots are the foundation of my pursuit of arts and healing. Tattooing is much more than an art medium for me; it is a way to commune with my ancestors in every direction, and to further the goal of decolonizing our minds and bodies… it is good medicine. I hope to bring ceremony and deeper connection back into the ritual of tattooing, helping to revive the true, divine nature of marking our temples, and to continue to honor the sacredness of this existence. Remember who you are and where you’ve come from, and your tattoos will never forget.

Working as an advocate for healing, self love, and recovery from eating disorders, PTSD, and substance abuse through a Queer, body positive lens is one of my greatest passions. I am also an arts educator, using creativity to facilitate space to transcend pain, as well as my intuitive gifts to create catalysts of self-reconciliation for every person I work with. Reclaiming our own bodies and stories through art is one of the most powerful things we can ever do, not only for ourselves, but the world; as true change begins with the individual.

I'm a Scorpio Sun, Pisces Rising, and Leo Moon, and feel the most at home when I am in the water, surrounded by mountains. Everyday I am inspired by the intelligent design of nature and what it means to push the boundaries of consciousness & these bodies we find ourselves in--  always looking and listening to learn more. As I dive ever deeper into the human experience, I humbly offer the fruits of my labor to you, whether through my tattoos, my art, my music, or simply with the love I have to share.

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