- You must submit a form on the Contact page to be considered for booking AFTER reading this page. If you submit and/or put down a deposit, I will assume you have read over the policies. (So no Instagram DM’s or emails on my personal address regarding tattoo inquiries— those inquiries will not be answered).

- My rate is $180/hr with a $360/2 hour minimum. I do not do flat rate work. 

- I work in freehand only, and use stencils occasionally at my own discretion. See FAQ for more information about the freehanding process.

- I take a $100 deposit to book your consult and subsequently, your tattoo appointment; $50 of that is a non-refundable drawing fee, and $50 counts towards your final cost. For multiple session tattoos, the deposit will count towards your final appointment. As of June 2019, for every $100 deposit, 10% is donated to a variation of Indigenous non-profits and causes. (See my LinkTree, click here, to connect with some of of the causes your deposit will support).

- You will not be scheduled for a consultation until you have paid the $100 deposit. DO NOT pay the deposit until you have read over all the policies and FAQs — part of the policy is that you must read it before committing to working with me! Once paid, the entirety of your deposit is non-refundable. (See more info on this below).

- I take CASH ONLY for your appointment. You will be sent a link to pay your deposit online and book your appointments at the same time, after submitting a form. When booking with my online system, your information is kept private. In the instance of a “no show”, where you don’t show up for your appointment and neglect to contact me, your card will be charged a “no-show” fee of $200 to recoup my costs and time.    

- You will see your drawing the day of your appointment, if we are not freehanding. If we are freehanding you will see some rough layouts and ideas, but not a fully rendered drawing. We will have time before we start tattooing to go over any reasonable revisions you might like me to make. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE: if we discuss at your consult that there is a specific need to view drawings ahead of time, i.e. for very large scale work, like a sleeve or back piece. Bottom line is: you will KNOW FOR SURE if you will be seeing drawings ahead of time because I will go out of my way to tell you this in your consult! If this is the case, you will see your drawing 1-2 days before your appointment, only if we have previously discussed the need for that. Otherwise, please do not press me for drawings before your appointment. If you decide to change your idea beyond simple adjustments, you will be charged a second drawing fee.  

- !!!!NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!!! THE ENERGETIC EXCHANGE: This is what tattooing is all about my friends! It is a really special, ceremonial experience, and in our Western culture, we tend to forget that those are the true roots of tattooing. With the takeover of modern tattooing as we know it, it is way too easy to fall into the trap of thinking of this process as solely a paying client/hired worker relationship. While a lot of artists work this way, and that is just fine and a matter of their personal preference, this couldn't be farther from the way that I personally do my work. There is a deep energetic and physical exchange that happens when you tattoo/get tattooed, and I feel an intense responsibility to recognize that. With this being said, not every artist is meant to work with every client. I use kind discretion when decided on whether to move forward with potential clients. If you show a tendency to ask the same questions multiple times, but never listen to my answers, or expect special treatment that goes against my very clearly laid out policies, I will decline to tattoo you. If I feel that you are expecting me to treat you with a 'customer is always right attitude', I will absolutely not tattoo you. I go about my business with kindness and love, and I must also provide that same understanding for myself, and protect my own energetic as well as physical boundaries. Thank you for honoring this, if you neglect to do so at any point in our time together, I reserve the right not to work with you further.     

- I do free touch ups for one year after your initial appointment, after which any touch up appointments will be subject to my hourly rate. 

 - I strongly support acceptance and love for people of all kinds. I am a Queer intersectional feminist, and body positive as fuck. My chair is not just a space to be tattooed, but a space of empowerment. All are welcome, and oppressive shit is not tolerated; i.e. NO racism, NO sexism, NO transphobia, NO ableism, NO homophobia, NO ageism, NO body shaming, and NO HATE. I reserve the absolute right to refuse to work with anyone that does not comply with these policies.

- SLIDING SCALE INFO: I offer a sliding scale for LGBTQIA+/BIPOC/low income folx. PLEASE let me know if this is something you need in the "Anything else you would like me to know?" section of my tattoo submission form, as I can only afford to take a certain number of sliding scale appointments per month, and I will not be able to offer those rates to you last minute or unexpectedly on the day of your tattoo appointment.  A couple of notes: this will be on a case by case basis, and my only, but very major request, is that you DO NOT take unnecessary advantage of this. I work incredibly hard at what I do, and literally put my SOUL into my work-- I need to pay my bills too, as well as take care of my own body and spirit as this is extremely demanding work. So, you will know in your heart if this sliding scale option is for you. Thank you for respecting that this exists for those that are marginalized and truly need the benefits of the healing power of body art, not those who just like the sound of a cheaper tattoo. 


Where do you tattoo?

I currently tattoo at Opal Ink in Portland, Oregon — on traditional Chinook, Clackamas, and Cowlitz land. The address is: 8235 SE 13th Ave #12, Portland, OR 97202 — though I am based out of PDX, I regularly travel to Coast Salish Territory, aka Seattle, WA to tattoo. As well as Stockholm, Sweden. Follow my @knowfolly on Instagram for updates on my guest spots in those cities, as well as other new places along the way. I am always open to travel, so if you are hoping I come to your city, it never hurts to drop me a line and let me know!

Will you copy another artist’s idea or tattoo?

No. Please do not inquire about this.

What do you mean when you say you 'freehand' tattoos? 

Freehanding is my absolute favorite! Freehanding means I draw on you directly with skin pens instead of placing a pre-drawn and printed stencil before tattooing the design. This means I work on some rough practice sketches for your idea beforehand, have a folder of reference photos, and at your appointment we spend the first part of our day drawing the design straight onto your body. This is a wonderful process because it non only allows us to match your own unique anatomy, the location of where you want the piece (whether it needs to fill a perfect little spot, or flow freely through an open space), and create a truly organic outcome-- but I also have a chance to work with your personal energy, and channel it directly as I work on your body to create a piece of art that is without question, forever your own. You do have to be okay with trusting me greatly, though. Since you will NOT, I repeat, you WILL NOT see a final drawing beforehand.    

What if I don’t have a fully formed idea? Will you come up with something for me? 

My favorite thing in the world is having creative freedom. A large majority of my tattoos so far, this has been the case. I am open to lots of different avenues of accomplishing a synergy between what you want and the vision I can help create! Words of inspiration, like space or magic or nature, etc. are great! You can send me color palettes, a photo, a memory, quote, or all of the above! I love animals, plants, goddesses, mythology, alchemy, the occult, astrology, astronomy, quantum theory, anthropology, natural sciences… all kinds of stuff! I am a fountain of ideas and love to get a jumping point from a client that I can subsequently run with, in an intuitive way, if you will. I also love fitting pieces to flow with your natural anatomy, and free handing (drawing the design right onto your skin instead of stenciling a drawing)  is one of my favorite methods of creating tattoos.    

Do you ever do the same tattoo on more than one person?

No, not unless the clients know each other, like friends or family members that are looking to get the same piece done together. If that is not the case, what you get tattooed is only for you. I DO NOT allow other artists to copy or recreate my tattoos. 

What is your pricing? Do you take a deposit? What about refunds for cancellations?

My rate is $180 an hour and a $360 minimum per tattoo. I charge a combined deposit and drawing fee of $100-- $50 for the drawing fee, the other $50 deposit to confirm your appointment and will count towards the final cost. If you're tattoo will take multiple sessions, the deposit will count towards your final session. THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR DRAWING FEE/DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of the situation. It takes time and resources to book and plan for a client, whether or not you end up canceling. This policy is serious, and the only exception is if I have to fully cancel (not reschedule) your appointment for a personal reason. If you breach the policies, including the energetic exchange policy, your appointment will be cancelled and you will forfeit your deposit.

What about tipping?

In the US, it is customary to tip your tattoo artist about 20% of the cost of your tattoo. I have also been tipped with crystals, herbs, tea, cider, garden vegetables, art… there are many ways to show your appreciation besides money! There are multiple reasons for this. First off, tattooing literally WRECKS our bodies as artists. I not only put my whole heart into my work, but my body too. And we pay the price. Also, in the eyes of the government we are seen as self-employed, which means most tattoo artists pay an exorbitant amount of taxes. Taxes, plus the money we put back into taking care of our bodies just to be able to work soundly, plus the cost of supplies ends up being a serious chunk of what we make. Also, keep in mind, we are not getting paid for every hour we work, nor do we have benefits like health insurance, etc. Tipping is how to let your tattoo artist know that you enjoyed working with them and had a great experience. It makes our day when you do, and makes us a little bummed (not going to lie) and question whether you had a positive experience when you don’t. And I’m pretty sure I speak for most tattoo artists when I say that. And it means a lot. Seriously.

Why do you take my deposit before the consultation? What happens if I change my mind after the consult?

It takes time and resources to book you, even just for a consult. I am committed to my clients from the first moment I choose your submission form. You should be 200% SURE you are ready for ME to do your tattoo. My style is distinct, so a consultation is an opportunity for us to tune things in for your idea, not for you to test the waters and see if MAYBE you would like to work with me. If you change your mind after your consult, its totally fine! I do, however, need to make sure that I am compensated fairly for the time and effort my team and I have put into booking you and showing up for your appointment.

What forms of payment do you take?

I currently accept CASH ONLY! Please come prepared. There is an ATM located down the street from the shop that you can stop at before your appointment.

Do you do consultations?

Yes! I absolutely do! In fact, if you can make it into the shop for one, that is ideal. 

How do I book with you?

If my books are open, there will be a submission form on the Contact page of my site. Please read all FAQ's and my Policy before submitting. If my books are closed, Instagram is the best way to stay updated on when they will be opening again. 

When will I see my design? 

You will see your design the day of your appointment. We will have plenty of time at the beginning of your appointment to work together on any details or minor things you might like to change in your design. You will have one set of revisions the day of your appointment. Keep in mind that I am an artist and when you book with me, you are trusting my vision-- though I will always do my best to accommodate your specific requests in a collaborative way. There will be no exceptions to this policy.  My schedule does not allow for flexibility on this.

Are your inks vegan? 


Do you do scar cover-ups?

I definitely do scar coverups! Let me know if that is what you are looking for when you send your submission form.   

Do you do cover-ups or reworks of old tattoos? 

This is a case-sensitive question. Send a photo of the tattoo you are looking to be covered or reworked to, and I will get back to you on whether it is a possibility or not. 

Do you tattoo darker skin tones? What about colour ink?

Yes! Absolutely. There is a lot of bullshit (excuse my French, but that is what it is) in the tattoo industry surrounding whether you can or can't tattoo dark skin, especially with colour. Flat out racism of white artists has been traumatizing to lots of folx, and its a damn shame. So, let me give a brief technical explanation, and if you have any further questions that aren't answered about this, go ahead and shoot me an email. Working with different skin tones is just a matter of colour theory-- we all have different tones and shades and colours in our skin already, no matter how dark or light we are. And everyone is extremely unique. As we deposit the inks into the second layer of skin during the tattoo process, the healing over of the top layer will play a role in how the colours end up looking in the end. (This is also why tattoos change colours with sun exposure). Whatever colours exist in your skin already will 'overlay' your tattoo. For this reason-- we can absolutely do colour on all shades of skin-- the main thing to consider is choosing those colours wisely, in a way that fosters harmony with your skin tone, not working against your natural and beautiful self. I hope this helps explain it a bit more, but like I said, feel free to ask further questions if you feel the need.  

How do I prepare for my appointment? 

First things first! Make sure you drink lots of water the day before and of your appointment to prevent dehydration/dizziness. Eat a good meal before you come in. I cannot stress this enough. Proper nutrition the day of your appointment will help to greatly prevent unnecessary twitching, shakiness, dizziness, and possible fainting. Pain is also worse when you’re hungry! I also encourage you to bring a (hopefully reusable) bottle of water, and a snack! Remember, caffeine tends to make people shaky/twitchy. Avoid it the day of your appointment if possible.  

Please make sure to bring your valid driver’s license or passport that verifies you are over the age of 18. 

Please do not take any medications that thin the blood (like Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen, etc.) before your appointment. Do not come while under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, and/or narcotics. 

Please come to your appointment in good hygiene. This is important to prevent infection (I take every precaution to do so in every way) and helps to promote a healthy and clean healing process for your skin. Comfortable clothing is also really wonderful for tattooing days. Make sure to wear something that will allow easy access to the location we will be working on. Do not wear clothing that fits tightly around the tattooed area. 

Don’t forget to bring cash! 

What is the healing process going to be like?

For complete aftercare info, click HERE. The cost of your tattoo will include the use of a bandage product called Saniderm. For more information on this product, check out this link: Saniderm. This is a great way to heal your tattoo! It is low maintenance and takes away a lot of hassle in very fresh work. I will apply your first Saniderm bandage at the end of your appointment, and supply you with a second piece to take home with you. When you do remove the Saniderm, you will move on to regular aftercare: rinsing and washing once in the morning and once at night (or if the area gets dirty, sweaty, or contaminated throughout the day) with gentle lathered soap and lukewarm water. Air dry completely before applying a mild, unscented, preferably natural, salve or lotion in a very thin, even layer. I love using pure shea butter, but I also recommend coconut oil, apricot oil, sweet almond oil, or cocoa butter. There are an array of natural products that are great for healing tattoos. See what works best for your skin type. If you are sensitive to adhesives, we will use a traditional bandage instead of Saniderm.